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The core of a wedding day is a shared experience with the people throughout your life that matter the most. Our role is the recording of a families history; creating timeless memories that will introduce children to the youth of their parents and grandparents. We think each wedding day is meant to be experienced and lived in. We want our clients to be a guest at their own wedding, to be fully present, and take it all in. The vision is to create something that is more that photographs and pushes past the seen and into the essence of what was felt and shared.


With a foundation in fine-arts and analog film, Lance brings an editorial approach to wedding photography; tying together beautiful details, spaces, moments large and small with the perfectly imperfect beauty of a wedding day. Life does not stand still, it moves, it is lived, and the images of a wedding day should showcase the life and joy of each incredible experience. 

The goal is to create comfort and provide permission for couples to be fully themselves around the camera through a balance of stepping in to provide guidance and subtle direction when helpful but also knowing when to step back and allow space for life to happen. 

Lance and his team arrive days early to each event to scout and prepare for each location and detail of the wedding day to ensure the highest degree of care for each client. Lance often documents the full wedding weekend from the rehearsal dinner and welcome party, to the casual poolside time with friends, in order to tell the full story of each wedding.


9 Hours of Coverage with a Second Photographer
Private Online Gallery with Downloadable, Edited, High-Res Images and Print Release

current average client spend: 24,500
Lance Nicoll, all rights reserved © 2024
Lance Nicoll, all rights reserved © 2024